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Reviews of our clients

I liked everything! Thank you for your efficiency and good service. I was pleased with the Wi-Fi on board))

Efim, 03.03.2019 00:00

Excellent transfer, the car was a Mercedes minivan, spacious and comfortable, skis and snowboards, as well as a bunch of bags quietly got in, the driver drove very carefully and fast. Really good service for an adequate price.

Boris, 10.02.2019 00:00

Thank you very much, absolutely everything was pleasant. We will continue to use your services and recommend them to our friends and acquaintances!

Olga, 13.10.2018 00:00

I want to thank you for the transfer. Everything is great. The driver is good. He found us quickly. The car is very good, clean!

Elena, 25.08.2018 00:00

Thank you for arranging the transfer. Everything was organized perfectly, quickly and clearly. The driver met without delay. The very nice driver, speaks good English, the car was in perfect condition, very clean. The cost is fixed. Drove with full comfort to the right place. I will definitely apply for a transfer next time. Thanks!

Elena, 27.07.2018 00:00


What happens if my flight is delayed, will the driver wait for me?
The driver tracks your flight and knows the time of arrival. Therefore, the driver will definitely wait for you.
Where will the driver meet me?
The driver will meet you in the arrivals hall after collecting your baggage and clearing customs. If you have a check-out from the hotel, the driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby.
How do I recognize my driver at the airport?
The driver will be holding a sign with your name and surname
If my plans change and need to cancel my order?
You can cancel the order 24 hours before the start of the trip by informing us about it in any convenient way
If I need a stopover, will the driver comply with my request? Do I need to pay extra for this?
There are short stops on the road (up to 15 minutes). We can also make a long stop for an extra charge. Please advise in advance so that the driver has some time between transfers.

Transfer to San Martino di Castrozza

Comfortable, fast and safe are the features of transfer to San Martino di Casrtozza! It's actually impossible to picture more convenient trip.

San Martino di Castrozza was a place where painters and poets were seeking their inspiration since ancient times. It was visited by Antonio Stradivari himself. In these forests he had been looking for the most quality materials for his works!

The town itself is located in the Primiero valley, on the slopes of the Dolomites. These places are truly picturesque! Pale di San Martino, the beginning of the huge nature reserve Paneveggio is found here too. Splendid sceneries are visible for those who prefer skiing here too. They make this place one of the most beautiful locations in the Alps.

Local slopes are made for skiers with different levels of experience. Beginners and professionals, adults and children, skiers and snowboarders will find something interesting for them. World famous ski runs Tognola Uno and Castellazzo are also located here in San Martino di Castrozza. They are perfect for people who are confident in their skills. Beginners can enjoy a huge amount of training ski runs, all of them are well-equipped. The local ski area is about 60 km. One third of this amount are for black and red ski runs.

You can reach the resort using multiple ways. The most comfortable among them is a pre-book taxi to San Martino di Castrozza.

What's more convenient: public transportation or transfer to San Martino di Castrozza

A huge advantage of public transportation is always the cost of the trip. But this is it, there are no more advantages. Both trains and buses departure and arrive strictly as scheduled. Sometimes the schedule mightn't be the same as your vacation plans. For example, you can spend a lot of time waiting for your transportation to arrive, or you might be unlucky not to get any tickets. The transfer is a personally organized trip according to your desire and needs. The car will be waiting for at the time that you need and at the place that you want.

Another thing that features the public transportation ride is companions. Sometimes it might be amusing when you talk to a stranger during your trip. But mostly the atmosphere in the overcrowded buses aren't that cheerful. A huge amount of tourists is coming to the Dolomites during the ski season. When taking a transfer to reach the valley you will be surrounded only by the members of the family and friends.

Both buses and trains make frequent stops during the way. It might be hard to exit at the right one. The drivers don't usually announce the name of the stop. That's why you need to be attentive during the whole trip. It's not that easy if you don't know the route and language, is it? You can avoid all this unnecessary stress when choosing a transfer to San Martino di Castrozza. The driver will meet you with a pickup sign and take you directly to your hotel door.

The difference between ordinary taxi and a pre-book taxi to San Martino di Castrozza

A local taxi is another option if you want to reach San Martino di Castrozza. If you decide to book it by phone, you might face some obstacles. Be ready that taxi dispatchers are speaking Italian only. As a vast majority of the taxi drivers do. It's better to write down the name of your hotel and the address. If you don't want to pay for extra kilometers of your trip, appeared out of sheer misunderstanding, choose the option of a transfer. It's more convenient, because you can choose between several languages of service (Russian and English).

When taking a local taxi there's a high chance to ride with an inexperienced driver. Or with the one who prefers emotional driving. The safety of the trip is decreasing. You are never sure about neither driver experience, nor car safety. A pre-book taxi to San Martino di Castrozza always means new and working vehicles. And proficient drivers as well. They know about the nuances of individual passenger transportations.

When taking a taxi you usually have to look for your car at the taxi rank. Of course, you'll be notified that the car has arrived, but now you need to find it yourself among dozens of others. The driver of your transfer will meet you with a personal pickup sign. Wherever you want: in the arrival zone of the airport, in the hotel lobby, at the train station or at any other place. He will take you to the car parked outside and help with your luggage.

How to book a transfer to San Martino di Castrozza

To book a transfer you need to fill the application on the website and provide the following information:

  •  date/time/departure point;
  • number of passengers;
  • number of booster seats;
  • your contact info;
  • flight number/hotel name.

You can also choose the most suitable vehicle, that would meet your requirements, be of necessary type and have enough seats.

If filling the application is inconvenient for you, you can request a callback. Our assistant will contact you shortly and help to find the best option for your transfer to San Martino di Castrozza.

When you choose the way to reach the valley, think about your comfort first! With Transfer Italy your comfort is 100% guaranteed!



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