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Reviews of our clients

Thank you very much, absolutely everything was pleasant. We will continue to use your services and recommend them to our friends and acquaintances!

Olga, 13.10.2018 00:00

I want to thank you for the transfer. Everything is great. The driver is good. He found us quickly. The car is very good, clean!

Elena, 25.08.2018 00:00

Во время нашего путешествия три раза заказывали трансфер : из аэропорта Вероны до озера Гарда,от озера Гарда до центра Вероны и из центра Вероны до аэропорта Вероны.Наша Компания состояла из 6 человек. Каждый раз нам был предоставлен комфортабельный Мерседес. Несмотря на задержку рейса и з Москвы нас все равно встретили без проблем. Трансфер всегда подавался к нужному времени и даже в один день по нашей просьбе мы изменяли время подачи(не каких проблем и доплат это не вызвало) Вообщем очень рекомендую!!!

Sergey, 09.03.2018 00:00

Excellent service, easy to order (and the order form and chat with the operator), the car was on time, and the driver contacted WhatsApp in advance. + bonus: the price was cheaper than a local taxi. Transfer from Canazei to Verona, the order made a day before the trip. Thank you to your service and driver Ivan:) everything is great!

Ksenia, 22.02.2018 00:00

I booked a transfer from Marco Polo Airport (Venice) to Verona for three adults. I was met at the airport, was driven comfortably by a minibus, was given a map of Verona, and advised a few places for a must-see. In the end, did not even hesitate when choosing a transfer Padua - Marco Polo Airport (Venice), - ordered here too. And once again, punctuality/comfort/attention exceeded all expectations! Very happy that the service is at a high level. I wish for further continue to grow!

Konstantin, 10.05.2017 00:00


What happens if my flight is delayed, will the driver wait for me?
The driver tracks your flight and knows the time of arrival. Therefore, the driver will definitely wait for you.
Where will the driver meet me?
The driver will meet you in the arrivals hall after collecting your baggage and clearing customs. If you have a check-out from the hotel, the driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby.
How do I recognize my driver at the airport?
The driver will be holding a sign with your name and surname
If my plans change and need to cancel my order?
You can cancel the order 24 hours before the start of the trip by informing us about it in any convenient way
If I need a stopover, will the driver comply with my request? Do I need to pay extra for this?
There are short stops on the road (up to 15 minutes). We can also make a long stop for an extra charge. Please advise in advance so that the driver has some time between transfers.

Transfer in Verona

Transfer in Verona is a comfortable and inexpensive way to get from the hotel to the airport or a train station. Taxi in Verona is not the cheapest kind of transportation, it can be a money0saving option only when traveling within city walls. This is the only case when a taxi will be cheaper transfer. For long-distance rides, the cost of transfer will be lower, that booking taxi in Verona. Moreover, if traveling in a big company or with the entire family, the price of your transfer would almost equal to the public transportation ticket cost. Another advantage is booking a car with an English-speaking chauffeur for making daily trips from Verona. For example, to spend a day on Garda lake, visit Venice or go to outlets for shopping.

If you plan a trip to Italy, be sure to visit as many cities as possible. One of the most memorable places, alongside Venice, is Verona – a city that is famous not due to Shakespeare only. Each corner of this city is literally veiled with love, its own history and art. It’s impossible to visit this place only once, because you will surely want to come back.

Pubic transportation in Verona: bus

Public transportation in Verona consists of buses only. It’s in a high demand within city walls and outside them.

Here are several recommendations if you choose to travel by public transportation.

Buying tickets is possible in the following places only:

  • special ticket offices;
  • tourist offices;
  • tobacco kiosks (Tabaccheria).

A single trip ticket to navigate the city is 1.3 euro.

  • Buy ticket in a ticket office.
  • Validate your ticket when entering the bus.
  • You have a possibility of making transfers.
  • One ticket is valid for 60 minutes.
  • If taking the bus, it’s allowed to stay there up to 90 minutes.

The second kind of a single trip ticket will cost 1.5 euro.

  • The main distinctive feature from the previous type is the place of purchase. Such a ticket can be purchased only inside the bus.
  • Keep in mind that it’s better pay with coins: there might be no change.
  • The ticket is valid for one trip without a possibility to make a transfer.

If you plan to use public transportation a lot, you can purchase Carnet – 10 tickets. It costs cheaper: you pay only 11.7 for Carnet.

  • Can be purchased in ticket offices.
  • It can be used by several people.
  • Each ticket is valid for 60 minutes after validating.
  • Can be used for any amount of transfers. The most important thing is to end the trip before the expiry time.
  • A disadvantage of Carnet: you have to show all 10 tickets to the control at the same time.
  • Each ticket should be validated. If there are several people using Carnet, each of them should have his own ticket validated as well.

The fourth kind is a day ticket. It costs 4 euro.

  • Can be purchased in ticket offices.
  • An advantage: it’s valid since the time of the first validation.
  • Gives an unlimited amounts of rides.
  • A disadvantage: the ticket expires at midnight.
  • The ticket has to be validated any time you’re taking the bus.

There are also the following kinds of tickets:

  • one-day ticket for 13 euro;
  • 3-day ticket for 27 euro;
  • 7-day ticket for 49 euro.

Pre-booked taxi in Verona or transfer

Such a decision for traveling is the most optimal version. However, you might wonder why. Here’s the explanation.

You’ll never be late for public transportation. In fact, you won’t need it at all. Your taxi will be waiting for you as much as it’s necessary.
Convenience. You choose the date and the time of your departure yourself.
Pay attention. If choosing the service of a pre-booked taxi in Verona, you’ll get a timely arrival of the car to pickup point and the maximum level of comfort.

Transfer taxi in Verona

Forget about carrying the Italian dictionary with you and looking for a necessary phrase. A trip with an English-speaking driver will increase the level of comfort several times. You won’t face any problems in communication with a chauffeur and can ask him any questions, like “what to see? Where to go”. Moreover, our chauffeurs will gladly tell you about the most interesting sights in the city, or the most delicious restaurants, or the best places to spend the evening with fun. English driver of taxi in Verona, if necessary, can recommend you the best agency for hiring a tour guide, what to see in the city, and where to go for a trip.

What to see in Verona?

Pizza Bra. It’s the central square in Verona. Tourists from all over the world come here to witness the Verona Arena (dates back to the 1st century), which has a long and interesting history. Inquisitions, gladiator fights, bullfights and much more.

The ancient Castelvecchio Castle, which dates back to the 14th century is situated on the shore of the Adige river. Be sure to visit this landmark soaked with the spirit if the Middle Ages. Moreover, the entrance is free.

And of course, Juliet’s house that is known to each and everyone. Admission to the courtyard of this house is also free of charge.

There are plenty of other free places to visit and to enjoy the marvelous landscapes of Verona.

How to book transfer from Verona

Time has come to leave this charming city?

Organizing a transfer from Verona to airport is very convenient now. No more need to look for the ways to book taxi. And there will be no worries about timely arrival to the airport.

All you need to do is to leave a request on our website, where you mention the date and the time of your departure. That’s it! Our chauffeur will be waiting for you in the lobby of your hotel at the requested time. Transfer from Verona will quickly take you anywhere you ask.

Why choose "Transferitaly" for transfer in Verona? 

When choosing a company for booking a transfer in Verona, you’ll be offered multiple options to choose. Before leaving a request, be sure to contact the transportation company and make sure that the assistant will be always in touch. Learn about possible extra charges (for example, if your flight will be rescheduled, if you need to alter the route or make a short-term stop during your trip). Because when booking a transfer in large companies, there’s a low chance that the assistant will help you in case of flight delay. And the Italian taxi driver will always charge you a double fare for any alteration. However, we are always trying to meet our clients halfway. Your chauffeur and assistant will be always in touch.

1. We focus on the quality of our service, not the amount of clients.

We value our reputation, that’s why we are ready to offer an individual approach to any client. Your personal assistant will always be in touch if you need to ask him a question or modify your booking.

2. Low prices.

We are not a large enterprise or intermediary of a large transportation company. All transfers we perform ourselves. There might be rare exceptions though, when we are fully booked. In this case, we ask our English-speaking colleagues to help. However, the price of transfer for the client never changes. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a good and reliable company, not make money whatever it takes. We understand that providing high-quality service and competitive prices for transfer in Verona allows us to get regular clients.

3. Our clients are also our guests.

Due to the fact that we a small company, we know each client personally. And every person booking transfer in our company is our guest. In most cases, these relationships turn into a strong friendship. We are pleased to hear you saying “I’ve got my man in Italy!”.

Are you still thinking whether to book a transfer in Verona? Hundreds of clients have already chosen us and stayed happy. Allow yourself to enjoy the incredible views of Verona in a nice company of a personal chauffeur.

Contact us right now! We will answer all your questions!


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