Corvara is a popular ski resort in the Dolomites. The atmosphere of noise and fun is brought by huge groups of young people coming here. Local ski runs are convenient for beginners and skiers with an intermediate level. This resort is a part of famous Sella  Ronda ski circuit and the Alpine zone, where a combi-pass for multiple pistes can be used.

For convenience of skiers, most hotels are located close to ski runs. Being free from skiing, the guests of Corvara can relax in SPA treatment resorts, visit Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Reserve or multiple restaurants with a good level of service.

Corvara is famous for its pure air and green environment: apart from three national parks, multiple reserves are located here.

How to get to Corvara

The closest airport to Corvara is located in Bolzano. Transfer from the airport to Bolzano will require about 1 hour on the road. It's possible to take a local bus, shuttle bus or transfer to Corvara. The last option allows you to travel directly to accommodation. By the way, there are plenty of kinds of accommodation in Corvara: hostels, villas, apartments, hotels. Everyone will be able to choose the most suitable accommodation in terms of comfort and money.

There's also a possibility to reach Corvara from Venice, Innsbruck and Verona. Be ready to spend about 2 hours on the road. In this case, it's better to book transfer from Venice to Corvara in advance and ask a driver to take you to the resort.

Skiing in Corvara

Weather conditions in the region are good for skiing and snowboarding. The sun is shining almost the whole year round. Cold temperatures are gradually "climbing" the slopes until the summits. On mountain tops snow is laying the entire year.

Corvara is a part of Sella Ronda ski circuit and belongs to Alta Badia ski region. The main attention of the guests coming here is focused on the piste dedicated to the World War I. It's located around the Col di Lana summit and is 262 feet (80 meters) long. Going along this piste one can see trenches and war artifacts that immerse tourists into this epoch. Most skier stop here, take their ski off and take a walk to see ancient fortifications and parapets. This route also allow skiers to reach Marmolada glacier.

Tours and activities

The territory at the foot of the Santa Croce mountain is ideal for calm family activities, for dedicating a day to culture and nature. It's possible to visit a picturesque Santa Croce basilica known among pilgrims and located 6,561 feet (2,000 meters) above sea level. Or dine at local restaurants and try local culinary masterpieces:

  • dumplings with bacon;
  • barley soup;
  • fried spinach pastries.

Corvara is ready to welcome different kinds of visitors. This place is interesting for both skiers and ordinary tourists who want to enjoy picturesque nature and get positive emotions.