Italian Mountain Lakes

Italian Mountain Lakes

Italy is rich in freshwater reservoirs. Most of them are lakes, their amount in the homeland of fashion and pizza is endless. The most picturesque of them are the lakes located close to the Alps. They attract tourists by their azure surfaces, hiding among olive trees and meadows and overlooking the mountains. Book transfer in Italy and enjoy these splendors yourself.

Iseo mountain lake

Lovers of nature gems won't be able to resist the charms of Iseo lake. It's the fourth biggest lake in Italy. There are two small islands named Monte Isola and Loreto located in the midst of it. Each tourist coming here should once visit them. Although the background seems quite uniform, it doesn't prevent tourists from the wow-effect provided by this place.

Hand-glider fans and lovers of active rest have a special affection for Iseo lake. Fans of hiking can enjoy Lovere and Sarnico, two villages located on the shores of the lake. Tourists coming here can enjoy wealthy villas or visit the local art gallery in Sarnico.

A 'three-pointed' star of Italy

The third biggest lake in Italy is Como lake. Its shape reminds most people a runner. This place is also a magnet for tourists. It's Como lake that became a local style setter in building villas on the shores. Of course, this tradition is still alive. In order to enjoy all beauties of this place take a boat trip. A wonderful navigation system allows visitors to see all main towns located on the shores of Como:

  • Varenna;
  • Menaggio;
  • Tremezzo;
  • Bellagio;
  • Cadenabbia;
  • Lecco.

In the town of Como (a namesake of the lake) tourists can visit Duomo, an old cathedral standing in the middle of the main square, and Baraddelo Castle. In Lecco one can visit endless palaces and St. Nicolas basilica. When in Bellagio, we recommend to enjoy villas. The immaculate peace and quiet of this area reunite people with nature and brings harmony with yourself.

Lago Maggiore lake

Lago Maggiore is translated from Italian as 'big lake', although it's only the second biggest lake in the country. It has a border with Switzerland: as result, both Italian and Swiss towns are located on its shores. There are 18 towns belonging to Italy and 9 towns belonging to Switzerland here. Cannobio and Stresa are two most visited towns and resorts. Although, according to our view, they remind villages. Tourism in this area is well-developed, so a visitor won't be bored when coming here. Among popular activities are fishing, boat cruises and surfing.

There are many national reserves on the territory of this region. Lovers of architecture would be glad to explore the castle of Angers.

Garda Lake

Garda Lake is getting a gold medal for being the largest lake in the country. This gigantic reservoir connects three Italian regions:

  • Trentino-Alto Adige;
  • Lombardy;
  • Veneto.

Small picturesque towns are located around the lake. Two of them are must-visit for any tourist coming to this region: Sirmione, a thermal resort, and Desenzano del Garda. Both towns belong to the Lombardy region.

Transfer in Verona allows visitors to reach the best places in Italy including wonderful lakes surrounded by emerald green nature fast. A comfortable climate makes rest even better, and historical places attract by their mystery and atmosphere.